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Amniotic sac: Quiz


Question 1:
Amniotic sac, Pregnancy and Abortion are all:
Developmental biology Pregnancy Embryology Obstetrics

Question 2:
Amniotic sac, Pregnancy and Abortion are all:
Embryology Developmental biology Obstetrics Pregnancy

Question 3:
Amniotic sac, Stem cell and Placenta are all:
Embryology Pregnancy Developmental biology Obstetrics

Question 4: If after birth, the complete amniotic sac or big parts of the membrane remain coating the newborn, this is called a ________.
George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronBenandantiCaulAmnion

Question 5: An artificial rupture of membranes (AROM), also known as an amniotomy, may be performed by a ________ or obstetrician.
MidwiferyCertified Nurse MidwifeHome birthChildbirth

Question 6: The presence of the amnion identifies humans and other mammals as ________, along with reptiles, dinosaurs, birds but neither amphibians nor fish.

Question 7: On the outer side, the amniotic sac is connected to the yolk sac, to the allantois and, through the umbilical cord, to the ________.
Endocrine systemThyroidPlacentaTesticle

Question 8: Unassisted childbirth • ________ • Water birth • Natural childbirth
Breech birthPregnancyHome birthMidwifery

Question 9:
Amniotic sac, Placenta and Fetus are all:
Developmental biology Pregnancy Obstetrics Embryology

Question 10: It allows the fetus to move freely without the walls of the ________ being too tight against its body.
UterusOvaryReproductive systemVulva


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