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Amniote: Quiz


Question 1:
What phylum does Amniote belong to?

Question 2: There are three main lines of amniotes, which may be distinguished by the structure of the ________ and in particular the number of temporal fenestrae (openings) behind the eye.
Head and neck anatomyBoneSkullHuman skull

Question 3: With the advent of cladistics, some researchers have attempted to establish new classes, based on ________, but disregarding the physiological and anatomical unity of the groups.
PhylogeneticsCladeComputational phylogeneticsEvolution

Question 4: The first amniotes, such as Casineria kiddi, which lived about 340 million years ago, evolved from ________ reptiliomorphs and resembled small lizards.

Question 5: They currently include mammals (synapsids), and sauropsids (reptiles and ________), as well as their fossil ancestors.
Modern birdsEnantiornithesBirdArchaeopteryx

Question 6: Amniota was first formally described by embryologist ________ in 1866 on the presence of the amnion, hence the name.
Mircea EliadeFriedrich NietzscheErnst HaeckelRelationship between religion and science

Question 7: Subclass Theria (________ and placental mammals)

Question 8: Subclass ________ (mammal-like reptiles, progenitors of mammals)

Question 9: Their ________ and large intestines are also well-suited to water retention.
Endocrine systemUrinary systemLiverKidney

Question 10: The first amniotes (referred to as "basal amniotes" or "stem amniotes"), such as Casineria, resembled small lizards and evolved from ________ reptiliomorphs about 340 million years ago.


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