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Amitābha: Quiz


Question 1: This openness and acceptance of all kinds of people has made the ________ belief one of the major influences in Mahāyāna Buddhism.
MandalaAvalokiteśvaraPure landAmitābha

Question 2: According to these scriptures, Amitābha possesses infinite merits resulting from good deeds over countless past lives as a ________ named Dharmakāra.
Guan YinBodhisattvaMaitreyaAvalokiteśvara

Question 3: Amitābha is the principal buddha in the Pure Land sect, a branch of Buddhism practiced mainly in ________.
Central AsiaEast AsiaFar EastSoutheast Asia

Question 4: His direction is west and so he is envisioned as the (red) setting ________.
SunEarthStarSolar System

Question 5: The meaning of this ________ is that wisdom (symbolized by the raised hand) is accessible to even the lowest beings, while the outstretched hand shows that Amitabha's compassion is directed at the lowest beings, who cannot save themselves.
ZenMudraBuddhismBuddhist art

Question 6: Pure Land Buddhism seems to have first become popular in northwest India/Pakistan and ________, from where it spread to Central Asia and China
Non-Aligned MovementNATOCentral Intelligence AgencyAfghanistan


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