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Amineptine: Quiz


Question 1: Official sports/________: Prohibited substance.
Roller derbyWomen's sportsNetballOlympic Games

Question 2: In 1989, Sgro and colleagues at the Centre de Pharmacovigilance in ________ reported a case of anaphylactic shock in a woman who had been taking amineptine.

Question 3: AdrafinilArmodafinilCRL-40941________

Question 4: ________AminorexClominorexCyclazodoneFenozoloneFluminorexPemolineThozalinone

Question 5: The risk of ________ is low, but it is there nonetheless.
Social anxiety disorderBenzodiazepine dependenceDrug addictionAddiction

Question 6: Additionally, amineptine is known to rarely elevate transaminases, ________, and bilirubin.
Phospholipase A2Reference ranges for blood testsAspartate transaminaseAlkaline phosphatase

Question 7: Lazaros and colleagues at the Western Attica General Hospital in ________ reported two cases of drug induced hepatitis 18 and 15 days of treatment.

Question 8: [24] However, a 1981 study of known ________ addicts and schizophrenia patients found no drug addiction in any of the subjects.

Question 9: This can be seen as a general side effect of central dopamine enhancement, due to the inhibitory effect of dopamine on ________, with the subsequent increase in testosterone output, leading in turn to the same potential for acne as is typical of pubescents.
Endocrine systemOxytocinProlactinActivin and inhibin

Question 10: After its release into the European market cases of ________ emerged, some serious.
Acute liver failureAspirinHepatitisHepatotoxicity

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