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Question 1: Aromatic amines have the nitrogen atom connected to an aromatic ring as in ________.
Acetic acidAmmoniaBenzeneAniline

Question 2: ________ and Phenylephrine, as amine hydrochlorides, are used as decongestants.

Question 3: The aromatic amines, such as ________, have their lone pair electrons conjugated into the benzene ring, thus their tendency to engage in hydrogen bonding is diminished.
AnilineAcetic acidSulfuric acidAmmonia

Question 4: ________ significantly influences the properties of primary and secondary amines.
Chemical bondHydrogen bondChemical polarityDipolar bond

Question 5: ________, Imipramine, Lofepramine and Clomipramine are tricyclic antidepressants and tertiary amines
TrimipramineTetracyclic antidepressantMirtazapineAmitriptyline

Question 6: Primary amines react with ketones and ________ to form imines.

Question 7: Acyl chlorides and acid anhydrides react with primary and secondary amines to form ________ (the "Schotten-Baumann reaction").

Question 8: The most industrially significant amines are prepared from ammonia by ________ in amine alkylation.
GasolineAlkylationAlcoholOil refinery

Question 9: Because amines are basic, they neutralize ________ to form the corresponding ammonium salts R3NH+.
Acid–base reactionAcidAcid dissociation constantOxygen

Question 10: The alkyl diazonium salts spontaneously decompose by losing N2 to produce a mixture of alkenes, alkanols or alkyl halides, with ________ as the major product.

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