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Question 1: Many drugs are amides, for example penicillin and ________.
DextrorphanMDMADextromethorphanLysergic acid diethylamide

Question 2: This lack of basicity is explained by the ________-withdrawing nature of the carbonyl group where the lone pair of electrons on the nitrogen is delocalized by resonance.

Question 3: Others substitute one of these with /ˈæmɨd/, while still others pronounce both /ˈæmɨd/, making them ________.
HomonymPolysemyHomographHeterography and homography

Question 4: By 1H ________, CONHR signals occur at low fields.
Electron paramagnetic resonanceNMR spectroscopyEmission spectrumNuclear magnetic resonance

Question 5: The remainder of this article is about the carbonyl-________ sense of amide.

Question 6: They can be hydrolysed in hot alkali, as well as in strong ________ conditions.
AcidAcid dissociation constantAcid–base reactionOxygen

Question 7: It is estimated that acetamide is described by ________ A for 62% and by B for 28%[1]
Orbital hybridisationValence bond theoryAromaticityResonance (chemistry)

Question 8: Therefore amides don't have as clearly noticeable ________ properties in water.
Lewis acids and basesAmmoniaBase (chemistry)Acid–base reaction

Question 9: Nylons are polyamides as are the very resilient materials Aramid, Twaron, and ________.
NomexKevlarDuPontWallace Carothers

Question 10: Amides are also commonly derived from ________ (R'RNH) with the formula RC(O)NR'R.


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