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Americanization: Quiz


Question 1: ________, the American film industry, is often considered the biggest and most influential in the world, people in other countries are often exposed to American ideals and way of life.
United StatesHollywood, Los Angeles, CaliforniaNew EnglandWestern United States

Question 2: The ________ is a large world economic power, and its influence can have a large impact around the world.
United StatesCanadaAlaskaPhilippines

Question 3: The ________ that some of these broadcast mediums carry advertise U.S.
FinlandTelevision advertisementUnited KingdomProduct placement

Question 4: On the ________, 12 out of the top 20 highest-grossing films are U.S.
List of highest-grossing filmsList of highest-grossing films in Canada and the United StatesList of 2007 box office number-one films in the United StatesList of 2008 box office number-one films in the United States

Question 5:
Americanization, Transliteration and Internationalization and localization are all:
Western culture American culture Transliteration Types of words

Question 6: based, such as Microsoft, ________, Dell and IBM.
Apple Inc.Mac OS XMacintoshIntel Corporation

Question 7: media, including television, ________ and music, is considered a component of perceived Americanization.
FilmmakingIndependent filmFilmMovie theater

Question 8: For instance, American television channels and programs like MTV, ________, and others are broadcast throughout the world using domestic carriers.
CNNCNN en EspañolFox News ChannelHLN (TV channel)

Question 9:
Americanization, Internationalization and localization and Compound (linguistics) are all:
Word coinage American culture Types of words Western culture

Question 10: Fast food, along with ________, are often viewed as being symbols of U.S.
Tab (soft drink)Coca-ColaOK SodaInca Kola

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