American pioneer: Quiz

Question 1: The ________ was the first official action by the federal government in deciding how political organization of new territories would be handled.
Public Land Survey SystemSeven RangesOhioLand Ordinance of 1785

Question 2: The ________ of 1787 was a major step, declaring that states could not individually claim new lands, but exploration would be handled by the national U.S.
United StatesNorthwest OrdinanceOhioAmerican Civil War

Question 3: For example, ________, a key figure in American pioneer history, settled in Kentucky, when that "Dark and Bloody Ground" was still undeveloped.
Annie OakleyDaniel BooneDavy CrockettAmerican Old West

Question 4: ________ and Davy Crockett are two real-life icons of pioneer history.
American Old WestJames BowieDaniel BooneAnnie Oakley

Question 5: American pioneers are any of the people in ________ who migrated west to join in settling and developing new areas.
American Civil WarMilitary history of the United StatesHistory of the United StatesUnited States

Question 6: One important development in the Western settlement was the ________, which provided formal legislation which regulated the settlement process.
Homestead ActWyatt EarpAmerican Old WestBuffalo Bill

Question 7: After the United States was formed upon the ratification of the ________, federal coordination and legislation began to give settlement a more unified approach.
United States CongressUnited States ConstitutionContinental AssociationElectoral College (United States)

Question 8: The first westward migrations occurred as representatives of the ________ sought to open up new lands for their respective colonies westward.
American Civil WarUnited StatesNew EnglandThirteen Colonies

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