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American kickboxing: Quiz


Question 1: Opponents are allowed to hit each other with fists and feet, striking above the ________
Human legLower limbKneeHip

Question 2: The American Kickboxing sport was invented by American martial artists in 1970, as a result of combining ________ punches and tactics, with the kicks of Karate.
BoxingWorld Boxing CouncilWrestlingMartial arts

Question 3: Although the term "Full-Contact Karate" has been used to refer this sport, it should not be confused with the generic term ________, which refers to any traditional karate school with the use of full contact sparring, like Kyokushinkai.
Full contact karateSeidokaikanTerutomo YamazakiKyokushin kaikan

Question 4: This is in contrast to ________ where the use of elbows and knees are allowed.
KickboxingWorld Boxing Council MuaythaiSavateMuay Thai


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