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American Telephone & Telegraph: Quiz


Question 1: AT&T also controlled 22 ________ which provided local telephone service to most of the United States.
AT&TAmerican Telephone & TelegraphBell SystemWestern Electric

Question 2: This name was also given to the titanic Bell Labs facility in ________, now owned by Alcatel-Lucent.
Colts Neck Township, New JerseyHolmdel Township, New JerseyMarlboro Township, New JerseyMiddletown Township, New Jersey

Question 3: As a result of a combination of regulatory actions by government and actions by AT&T, the firm eventually gained what most regard as ________ status.
MonopolyCompetition lawNatural monopolyBarriers to entry

Question 4: Later that year it spun off AT&T Broadband and ________, which comprised its cable TV assets.
News CorporationComcastThe DirecTV GroupLiberty Media

Question 5:
When was American Telephone & Telegraph founded?
1946 in Kittanning, Pennsylvania, USA

Question 6:
What entity owns American Telephone & Telegraph?
CIGNA Corporation
American Bell
Vancouver Island Ranges

Question 7:
Which of these is a American Telephone & Telegraph product?

Question 8:
What industry is American Telephone & Telegraph in?
Convergence of Telecommunications
Media, telecommunication

Question 9: This research and development unit proved highly successful, pioneering, among other things, radio astronomy, the transistor, the photovoltaic cell, the Unix operating system, and the ________.
C++Pointer (computing)C (programming language)D (programming language)

Question 10: 1997: AT&T Submarine System, sold to ________
Tyco InternationalBear StearnsAdelphia Communications CorporationEnron scandal


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