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Question 1: John's, and opened negotiations with the ________ and other Native American tribes for their support.
IroquoisMohawk nationFrench and Indian WarSeneca nation

Question 2: Carleton then launched his own invasion and defeated Arnold at the ________ in October.
Battle of Valcour IslandInvasion of Canada (1775)Saratoga campaignCapture of Fort Ticonderoga

Question 3: Each colony provided for its own defenses with local ________.
MilitiaUnited StatesCanadaBritish Empire

Question 4: Early in 1775, the ________ consisted of about 36,000 men worldwide, but wartime recruitment steadily increased this number.
British ArmyRoyal Military PoliceTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)British Armed Forces

Question 5: [37] The Continental Congress authorized the creation of a small ________ in October 1775, which was primarily used for commerce raiding.
United States Naval AcademyJohn Paul JonesUnited States NavyContinental Navy

Question 6:
Who was a commander in the American Revolutionary War?
Sir Henry Havelocku2020
Sir Henry Lawrenceu2020
Christian de Castries
Wilhelm von Knyphausen

Question 7: At the ________ in April 1782, a victory by Rodney's fleet over the French Admiral de Grasse frustrated the hopes of France and Spain to take Jamaica and other colonies from the British.
Battle of the SaintesBattle of Fort RoyalNaval operations in the American Revolutionary WarBattle of Grenada

Question 8:
Which of the following was a combatant in the American Revolutionary War?
CSA (Confederacy)
Tuscarora (tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy)
Bruce loyalists
Great Britain

Question 9: Marina, ________, July 1, 1976
The Independent InstituteRon PaulAlexander CockburnLibertarianism

Question 10: Joint Iroquois-Loyalist attacks in the Wyoming Valley and at Cherry Valley in 1778 provoked Washington to send the ________ into western New York during the summer of 1779.
Saratoga campaignSullivan ExpeditionNew York and New Jersey campaignEvacuation Day (New York)


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