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Question 1: The company also introduced exciting entries for the decade's muscle car boom, most notably the AMX; while the Javelin served as the company's entrant into the sporty "pony car" market created by the ________.
Ford Mustang (first generation)Ford MustangFord Mustang (second generation)Ford Mustang (fifth generation)

Question 2: In 1970 AMC consolidated all passenger cars under one distinct brand identity and debuted the ________ range of compact cars.
AMC GremlinAMC ConcordRambler AmericanAMC Hornet

Question 3: The French firm took a parallel approach as it did with its initial ownership of AMC and applied it to resurrect the money-losing Nissan automaker in ________.
CanadaUnited KingdomCambodiaJapan

Question 4:
Who of the following is a key person at American Motors?

Question 5: [63] This plant was designed and built by AMC for the specific purpose of building the ________.
Eagle MedallionIKA-Renault TorinoEagle PremierRenault

Question 6: AMC would receive a $150 million cash injection, $50 million in credits, and also the rights to start building the ________ in 1982.
Renault ClioRenault MéganeRenault 5Renault 18

Question 7:
When did Adam-12 last air?
January 1975

Question 8:
Who of the following is a key person at American Motors?

Question 9: The popularity of these downsized Jeeps pioneered a new market segment for what later became defined as the ________ (SUV).
Ford Focus (international)Station wagonSport utility vehicleFour-wheel drive

Question 10:
When was American Motors founded?
May 2006
Columbus, Ohio
February 1998

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