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Question 1: [15][72] Obama's chief strategist, David Axelrod, is Jewish, as is his Chief of Staff, ________.
Leon PanettaRahm EmanuelTom VilsackPeter R. Orszag

Question 2:

Question 3:
What is Bob Dylan also known as?
Zimmerman, Robert Allen
Williams, John Allen
The Allen
Brimley, Allen Wilford

Question 4:
What is Dustin Moskovitz known for?
Founder of Facebook
Motorcycle stunts
The first cloning of a sheep.
Inventor of Stellite

Question 5:
What did Mila Kunis do for a living?
Professional rugby player
Actress/Voice artist
Novelist, lepidopterist, professor
broadcast journalist

Question 6:
What is Jake Gyllenhaal also known as?
Valz, Jean Elias Benjamin
Senlechos, Jacob; Selesses, Jacopinus
Gyllenhaal, Jacob Benjamin
Tierney, Jacob Daniel

Question 7:
What is Jennifer Grey also known as?
Jenny Grey
Sydney D. Grey
Jennie Lewis
Jenny Lee

Question 8: These parallel themes have facilitated the extraordinary economic, political, and social success of the American Jewish community, but also have contributed to widespread ________.
AnglicisationAmericanizationRussificationCultural assimilation

Question 9:
Who is Tony Curtis's spouse?
Lisa Deutsch
Lisa Harrow, 2 children
Lisa Johnson
Lisa Payne-Barnitz

Question 10:
What is Joseph Gordon-Levitt also known as?
Simplu00EDcio, Fu00E1bio
Gordon-Levitt, Joseph Leonard
Jr., Robert Leon Gruber
Fibonacci;Pisano, Leonardo; Bonacci, Leonardo; Fibonacci, Leonardo

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