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American Israel Public Affairs Committee: Quiz


Question 1: AIPAC has also been the subject of criticism by prominent politicians including Representative Dave Obey of Wisconsin,[43] former Senator Mike Gravel,[44] and former Representative ________.
Ralph NaderCynthia McKinneyChuck BaldwinRosa Clemente

Question 2: The current President of the AIPAC is David Victor, from ________.
Grosse PointeDearborn, MichiganMetro DetroitDetroit

Question 3: Steiner also claimed to be "negotiating" with the incoming Clinton administration over who Clinton would appoint as Secretary of State and Secretary of the ________.
Defense Intelligence AgencyCentral Intelligence AgencyCold WarNational Security Agency

Question 4: AIPAC's official position on Iran is to encourage a strong diplomatic and economic response coordinated among the United States government, its European allies, Russia, and ________.
Time in ChinaReligion in ChinaProvince (China)China

Question 5: In March 2009, AIPAC executive director Howard Kohr appeared before the House Committee on Appropriations' Foreign Operations subcommittee to testify about the importance of ________.
Turkey – United States relationsIran – United States relationsSino-American relationsIsrael – United States relations

Question 6: In 2005, a Pentagon analyst pled guilty to charges of passing US government secrets to two AIPAC staffers in what is known as the ________.
American Israel Public Affairs CommitteeLawrence Franklin espionage scandalMichael LedeenPaul Wolfowitz

Question 7: NY real estate developer Haim Katz told ________ that he taped the conversation because "as someone Jewish, I am concerned when a small group has a disproportionate power.
The Washington TimesSun Myung MoonInchon (film)Unification Church

Question 8: Kenen continued to receive funding from the Israeli government for ________ and public relations into the early 1960s.
LobbyingLobbying in the United StatesEuropean ParliamentLobbying in the United Kingdom

Question 9: military has purchased Israeli-made ________ armor, unmanned aerial vehicles, and other technologies for use in its operations.
T-26 tankT-34M1 AbramsTank

Question 10: In ________, AIPAC president David Steiner was forced to resign after he was recorded boasting about his political influence in obtaining aid for Israel.


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