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Question 1: In the winter of 2005, Playtone Records began seeking submissions for the ________ soundtrack.
Superman (film series)Superman (film)Superman ReturnsSuperman II: The Richard Donner Cut

Question 2: Parsons talked about the struggles with the past two labels; ________ and Maverick Records.
Def Jam RecordingsIsland RecordsA&M RecordsUniversal Music Group

Question 3: [2][1] The band consists of ________ Stacy Jones, guitarist Jamie Arentzen, bassist Drew Parsons, and drummer Brian Nolan.
Vocal pedagogyHuman voiceSingingHead voice

Question 4: [2] American Hi-Fi has a close relationship with ________, whose band shares three fourths of the same members as American Hi-Fi.
Breakout (album)Send It On (song)Miley CyrusHannah Montana: The Movie

Question 5: Front man Stacy Jones described the new album "It sounds a little like ________ partying with the Foo Fighters at a kegger with My Bloody Valentine and Superdrag".
Figure 8 (album)From a Basement on the HillElliott Smith discographyElliott Smith

Question 6: Neither single released with the album broke into the ________ Modern Rock charts.
Salt Lake CitySão PauloChicagoBillboard

Question 7: American Hi-Fi initially formed under the name BMX Girl,[5] and Jones changed to a name personally suggested to him by ________ of the Rolling Stones.
Keith Richards(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionThe Rolling StonesBrian Jones

Question 8: In early 2004 and without a backing label, the band headed to Los Angeles, to begin work on a new album with producer ________.
Butch WalkerBrendon UriePete YornKaty Perry

Question 9: ________ – drums, percussion (2003–2006)
Smash MouthAll Star (song)Walkin' on the SunAstro Lounge

Question 10: The band has toured since to a widespread fan base in ________ and in the U.S.[2]
United KingdomCanadaCambodiaJapan


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