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Question 1: ________ during Lee's second invasion of the North, in June.
James LongstreetGeorge MeadeWinfield Scott HancockJohn F. Reynolds

Question 2: In the presidential election of 1860, the Republican Party, led by ________, had campaigned against the expansion of slavery beyond the states in which it already existed.
Ulysses S. GrantGerald FordAbraham LincolnAndrew Johnson

Question 3: [115] These surrenders marked the ________.
Bleeding KansasConclusion of the American Civil WarBattle of Fort SumterConfederate States of America

Question 4: The northwestern portion of Virginia subsequently seceded from Virginia, joining the Union as the new state of ________ on June 20, 1863.
MassachusettsKentuckyWest VirginiaNew Jersey

Question 5: What does the following picture show?

  Monument in honor of the Grand Army of the Republic, organized after the war.
  US Postage, 1894 issue, honoring William T. Sherman
  Andersonville National Cemetery is the final resting place for the Union prisoners who perished while being held at Camp Sumter.
  The Battle of Chickamauga was one of the deadliest battles in the Western Theater.

Question 6:
How many casualties were there in the American Civil War?
110,000 killed in action
598 Missing in action
5 Wounded in action
700u2013900 killed in action

Question 7: [141] The Union victory in the ________ caused them to delay this decision.
Battle of GettysburgBattle of FredericksburgBattle of AntietamSeven Days Battles

Question 8: In May 1862, the Union Navy captured ________[98] without a major fight, which allowed Union forces to begin moving up the Mississippi.
LouisianaNew Orleans metropolitan areaBaton Rouge, LouisianaNew Orleans

Question 9: Oates said that Lincoln's letter to ________ has been "persistently misunderstood and misrepresented" for such reasons.
Stephen A. DouglasHorace GreeleyJames BuchananFranklin Pierce

Question 10:
Who was a commander in the American Civil War?
President: Jefferson Davis
Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
President Luiz Inu00E1cio Lula da Silva
President: Enomoto TakeakinArmy: Otori KeisukennNavy: Arai Ikunosuke


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