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American Alligator: Quiz


Question 1: In 1967, the alligator was listed as an endangered species (under a law that preceded the ________ of 1973), meaning it was considered in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range.
George W. BushEndangered Species ActBald EagleBill Clinton

Question 2:
What classis does American Alligator belong to?

Question 3: although the ________ (which shares parts of the Everglades with the Alligator) is capable of growing larger (over 5 meters), at least in tropical locations like Central America.
Nile crocodileDwarf crocodileAmerican AlligatorAmerican crocodile

Question 4: Alligator meat is sometimes used in ________, soups, and stew.
JambalayaFrench cuisineÉtoufféePaella

Question 5:
What phylum does American Alligator belong to?

Question 6: In ________, alligators face ambient temperature patterns unlike elsewhere in their range.
New JerseyFloridaNorth CarolinaMassachusetts

Question 7:
What genus does American Alligator belong to?

Question 8:
What family does American Alligator belong to?

Question 9: As they grow, they gradually move onto larger ________, mollusks, frogs and small mammals like rats, and mice.
Forage fishFish anatomyFishPelagic fish

Question 10:
What is the binomial of American Alligator?
Guzmania claviformis
Amblycercus holosericeus
Alligator mississippiensis
Phrynobatrachus brevipalmatus


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