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American-style lager: Quiz


Question 1: In addition, the Tettnanger and ________ of Europe were not available.
United StatesGermanyBeerHops

Question 2: The style is categorized by a light-gold or straw color, moderate alcohol content (4-6% abv), and muted to nonexistent hop character (carried to an extreme in ________).
BockBeer stylePale lagerPilsener

Question 3: ________ -- A beer made with reduced alcohol and/or carbohydrate content.
Alcoholic beverageLow-alcohol beerUnited StatesCalifornia

Question 4: However, the beer was brewed to full-fledged European strength and to the practices of a ________ style.
Pale lagerBeer stylePilsenerBock

Question 5: ________ -- A Japanese style based on American lager; the yeast is encouraged to consume more fermentables, resulting in a crisper finish and an unusually subtle hop flavor.
Beer stylePilsenerBockPale lager

Question 6: American-style lager beer is a common variety of beer, a type of ________, traditionally made and consumed in North America.
Pale lagerPilsenerBeer styleBock

Question 7: The American-style lager is the predominant choice among America's largest brewing companies, and is also commonly found in ________ throughout the USA.
MicrobreweryPublic houseCask aleBeer

Question 8: It derives ultimately from the Czech Pilsner, but is characterized by a much lighter color and body and the frequent use of ________ or corn as adjuncts.

Question 9: The style was commercially destroyed by ________, and when beer production resumed in the USA, it was a lighter, thirst-quenching style with up to 50% corn or rice content that came to dominate the market.
PakistanProhibitionUnited Arab EmiratesRum-running


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