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America's Cup: Quiz


Question 1:
When was America's Cup founded?
1923 West Torrens,

Question 2: Lipton turned to ________ for his fourth challenge, and got a superb design under the unauspicious shape of Shamrock IV, with a flat transom.
Gipsy Moth IVRoyal NavyCamper and NicholsonsLondon

Question 3: He returned in 1983 with a golden ________ which he claimed would be used to unbolt the cup from its plinth, so he could take it home.
PliersWrenchBolt cutterReamer

Question 4: The Cup itself is an ornate ________[2] bottomless ewer, one of several off-the-shelf trophies crafted in 1848 by Garrard & Co.
PalladiumSterling silverCopperGold

Question 5: At the post-race press conference BMW Oracle Racing's ________ said "they are open to considering a lot of options" for the next Cup location.
IBM DB2Larry EllisonAmerica's CupOracle Corporation

Question 6: Alinghi successfully defended the America's Cup by beating ________ 5-2.
BMW Oracle RacingMascalzone LatinoTeam New ZealandLouis Vuitton Pacific Series

Question 7: Nicholson was chosen to design challenger Shamrock V, and despite the ________, four NYYC syndicates responded to the threat and built a cup contender each.
1997 Asian Financial CrisisPanic of 1907Recession of 1937–1938Wall Street Crash of 1929

Question 8: Conner, however, did not leave anything to chance, and commissioned a cutting-edge design with a ________ sail, named—as his 12-meter yachts had been—Stars and Stripes.
Wingtip deviceFlightLeading edge slatsWing

Question 9: They recognized that a ________ was not expressly prohibited under the rules.

Question 10: Novel rigging technology now permitted the ________ to replace the gaff rig.
Bermuda rigBermuda sloopFore-and-aft rigFull rigged ship


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