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Ambrose Burnside: Quiz


Question 1:

Question 2: John Pope's Army of Virginia in the ________.
Northern Virginia CampaignJackson's Valley CampaignMaryland CampaignPeninsula Campaign

Question 3:
What or what did Ambrose Burnside swear allegiance to?

Question 4:
What order does Ambrose Burnside belong to?
1st Foreign Minister of the Democratic Republic of Armenia
2nd Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Armenia

Question 5: ________
Siege of PetersburgBattle of ChickamaugaList of American Civil War generalsBattle of Antietam

Question 6:
Who did Ambrose Burnside serve alongside?

Question 7:
What did Ambrose Burnside do for a living?

Question 8:
What state is Ambrose Burnside associated with?
Northern Mariana Islands
Rhode Island
Cayman Islands
British Virgin Islands

Question 9:
When is Ambrose Burnside's birthday?

Question 10:
What office has Ambrose Burnside held?
Governor of Rhode Island
Minister of Mu0101ori Affairs
New Hampshire State Senator - 15th District
MLA for Rocky Mountain House

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