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Ambiguity: Quiz


Question 1: Syntactic ambiguity arises when a complex phrase or a sentence can be ________ in more than one way.
Bottom-up parsingCompiler-compilerParsingCompiler

Question 2: Many algorithmic languages (C++, MATLAB, ________) require the character * as symbol of multiplication.
Programming languageFortranC (programming language)Programming paradigm

Question 3: Some textbooks[11] give the same name to the function and to its ________:
Fourier transformConvolutionFourier analysisHilbert space

Question 4: The language ________ allows the user to omit the multiplication symbol, but requires square brackets to indicate the argument of a function; square brackets are not allowed for grouping of expressions.
MathematicaR (programming language)Sage (mathematics software)GAUSS (software)

Question 5: Ambiguity is the property of being ambiguous, where a word, term, notation, sign, symbol, phrase, sentence, or any other form used for ________, is called ambiguous if it can be interpreted in more than one way.
Social sciencesCommunicationMicrobiologyScientific method

Question 6: A sentence may be ambiguous due to different ways of ________ the same sequence of words.
Bottom-up parsingCompiler-compilerCompilerParsing

Question 7: In sociology and social psychology, the term "ambiguity" is used to indicate situations that involve ________.

Question 8: The many exceptions to syntax and ________ rules are time-consuming and difficult to learn.
SemanticsFormal semanticsPragmaticsLinguistics

Question 9: For a word, ambiguity typically refers to an unclear choice between different definitions as may be found in a ________.
Bilingual dictionaryLexicographyWordNetDictionary

Question 10: Austin • Noam Chomsky • Hans-Georg Gadamer • Saul Kripke • ________ • Donald Davidson • Paul Grice • Gilbert Ryle • P.


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