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Amazon Simple Queue Service: Quiz


Question 1: Whereas with ________, for instance, users would have to maintain their own server, Amazon SQS does it for them and sells the service at a per-use rate.
Advanced Message Queuing ProtocolJava Message ServiceService-oriented architectureMessage queue

Question 2: Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS) is a distributed queue messaging service introduced by ________ in April of 2006.

Question 3: The intent of SQS is to provide a highly scalable hosted message queue that resolves issues arising from the common ________ or connectivity between producer and consumer.
Producer-consumer problemSleeping barber problemSemaphore (programming)Dining philosophers problem

Question 4: If the user is not using ________ with WS-Security, a digital signature is calculated using the Secret Access Key.
SOAPXHTMLXMLScalable Vector Graphics

Question 5: A large message can be split into multiple segments that are sent separately, or the message data can be stored using ________ (Amazon S3) or Amazon SimpleDB with just a pointer to the data transmitted in the SQS message.
Amazon Simple Queue ServiceAmazon Elastic Compute CloudAmazon S3Alexa Internet

Question 6: Well-known examples of messaging service technologies include ________ and Microsoft Message Queuing.
Java Message ServiceService-oriented architectureAdvanced Message Queuing ProtocolMessage queue


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