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Question 1: When it launched in August 2006, the EC2 service offered ________ and later Sun Microsystems' OpenSolaris and Solaris Express Community Edition.
SCO-Linux controversiesGNULAMP (software bundle)Linux

Question 2: In October 2008, EC2 added the ________ operating system to the list of available operating systems.
Windows 2000Windows Server 2008Microsoft WindowsWindows Server 2003

Question 3: One EC2 Compute Unit equals 1.0-1.2 GHz 2007 ________ or 2007 Xeon processor.
Advanced Micro DevicesAMD K10OpteronAthlon 64

Question 4: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (also known as "EC2") allows users to rent computers on which to run their own ________.
OpenOffice.orgMicrosoft OfficeComputer softwareApplication software

Question 5: As S3 is not a full ________ filesystem, things may not behave the same as on a local disk -there is no locking, for example.
ISO 9660C Sharp (programming language)POSIXPascal (programming language)

Question 6: In early July 2008 Outblaze and ________ started to block Amazon's EC2 address-pool due to problems with the distribution of spam and malware.
E-mail spamThe Spamhaus ProjectAnti-spam techniquesDNSBL

Question 7: Additional transfer charges using ________
Amazon Mechanical TurkAlexa InternetAmazon Elastic Compute CloudAmazon S3

Question 8: EC2 allows ________ deployment of applications by providing a web service through which a user can boot an Amazon Machine Image to create a virtual machine, which Amazon calls an "instance", containing any software desired.
Distributed computingParallel computingScalabilityCluster (computing)

Question 9: Plans are in place for the Eucalyptus interface for the Amazon ________ to be packaged into the standard Ubuntu distribution.
Java (programming language)LinuxApplication programming interfaceUnix

Question 10: As an example of this Apache Hadoop supports a special s3: filesystem to support reading from and writing to S3 storage during a ________ job.
Functional programmingFacebookGoogleMapReduce

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