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Question 1: Awakened prematurely by an ________, the junior version of Amazo believes itself to be a philosophy student called Frank Halloran, who dates a girl called Sara.
EarthquakeS-waveGeotechnical engineeringLandslide

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4: The original Justice League of America (Green Lantern; Flash; ________; Wonder Woman and the Martian Manhunter) encounter Amazo when experiencing a sudden loss of their abilities.

Question 5:
When did Amazo make his debut?
The Brave and the Bold # 30
Justice League of America #235 February
: Daredevil #10
Uncanny X-Men #99 , Uncanny X-Men #285, February 1992

Question 6: Superman is forced to create and use a machine called the "Supermobile" to compensate for his weakened state, and saves both Ivo and ________ from Amazo.
Jimmy OlsenLois LaneLex LuthorMa and Pa Kent

Question 7: Ivo reactivates Amazo for use against a weaker version of the League, with the android defeating all the new members until finally stopped by the Martian Manhunter and ________.

Question 8: 1999); another version is discovered to be part of a weapons shipment in ________ #636 - 637 (March - April 2005) and during the Villains United storyline in Firestorm vol.
Superman/BatmanBatmanSuperman & Batman: GenerationsCopperhead (DC Comics)

Question 9: The android battles the JLA until teleported into the gravity well of the red star ________.
Beta ScorpiiAntaresDelta ScorpiiIota1 Scorpii

Question 10: Another Amazo participates in a massive attack by a group of villains on the city of Metropolis, but is deactivated when sometime hero ________ decapitates the android.
Mary MarvelCaptain Marvel (DC Comics)Shazam (character)Black Adam

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