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Amaranth (color): Quiz


Question 1: It is a song by Finnish symphonic/power metal band Nightwish, for their 2007 album ________.
Nemo (song)Nightwish discographyOnce (Nightwish album)Dark Passion Play

Question 2: In the French academic dress system, the five traditional fields of study (Arts, Science, Medicine, Law and Divinity) are each symbolised by a distinctive color, which appears in the ________ of the people who graduated in this field.
Academic dressSilkKente clothLinen

Question 3: Amaranth is a reddish-rose color that is a representation of the color of the flower of the ________ plant.

Question 4: In the ________ song, "Cuckoo Cuckoo," Avey Tare sings: "I can't see the landscape.
Animal CollectiveProspect HummerDeakin (musician)Panda Bear (musician)

Question 5: This color is similar to printer's ________ (pigment magenta) (Hex Code #FF0090) (but a lot more reddish).
Cerise (color)MagentaFuchsia (color)Rose (color)

Question 6: (The color peach represents immortality in Chinese culture, because in ________ the Goddess of the West is believed to guard the peach trees of immortality in the Tian Shan mountains.)
TaoTaoismEast Asian religionsBuddhism

Question 7: It is the color of the flower of those ________ plants that have amaranth red colored flowers.

Question 8: In legend, ________ (a form of Amarantus) was a hunter of Artemis and king of Euboea; in a village of Amarynthus, of which he was the eponymous hero, there was a famous temple of Artemis Amarynthia or Amarysia (Strabo x.

Question 9: The ________ crayon color radical red is displayed at right.
CrayolaHallmark CardsHalls (department store)Rainbow Brite

Question 10: In Hellenism (the pagan religion of ________), the amaranth plant (also called chrusanthemon and elichrusos) was sacred to Ephesian Artemis.
Alexander the GreatAncient GreeceRoman GreeceClassical antiquity


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