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Amarah: Quiz


Question 1: After the Persian Gulf War, Amarah was one of many sites during the ________ against Saddam Hussein.
Iraq War1991 uprisings in IraqIran–Iraq WarAl-Anfal Campaign

Question 2: Specific within 4th Brigade, Amarah and its surrounding towns were covered by 2nd Battalion of the ________, which established FOB Garryowen just west of the city proper.
American Indian Wars7th Cavalry Regiment (United States)United States ArmyUnited States

Question 3: The city also supported the efforts of ________, whose father was also killed by Saddam.
Iraq WarApril 2004Muqtada al-SadrIraqi insurgency

Question 4: Hauser, Christine (2006-10-20). "Shiite Militia Seizes Control of Iraqi City". ________.
The New York Times CompanyThe New York TimesInternational Herald TribuneThe Boston Globe

Question 5: ________ occasionally neglected service to the city in retribution for its role in the uprising.
Gulf WarIran–Iraq WarSaddam HusseinIraq

Question 6: After the British handed power over to the Iraqi government, a power struggle erupted between Shi'ite loyalists of the ________ and Badr Brigades.
Iraqi ArmyIraqi insurgencyMahdi ArmyPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–present

Question 7: During the ________, the city made a final stand as a center of resistance to Saddam Hussein.
Iraqi insurgencyPost-invasion Iraq, 2003–present2003 invasion of IraqRefugees of Iraq

Question 8: It lies at the northern tip of the marshlands between the Tigris and ________.
SumerAkkadian EmpireEuphratesIraq


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