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Question 1: High-dose continuous intravenous penicillin G has been reported to be of benefit, though the exact mechanism is unknown,[17] and trials with ________ show promise.
VancomycinFlucloxacillinBeta-lactam antibioticCephalosporin

Question 2: There are four main categories of therapy for poisoning: preliminary medical care, supportive measures, specific treatments, and ________.
SurgeryPancreas transplantationICD-9-CM Volume 3Liver transplantation

Question 3: [23] Animal studies indicate the amatoxins deplete hepatic ________;[24] N-acetylcysteine serves as a glutathione precursor and may therefore prevent reduced glutathione levels and subsequent liver damage.
GlutathioneMethionineAdenosine triphosphateEthanol

Question 4: Amanita virosa, commonly known as the European destroying angel, is a poisonous ________ fungus, one of many in the genus Amanita.

Question 5: A. virosa was first collected and described by Elias Magnus Fries in ________.

Question 6: Preliminary care consists of gastric decontamination with either ________ or gastric lavage.
Activated carbonChelation therapyWhole bowel irrigationPoison

Question 7: [9][10] Their major toxic mechanism is the inhibition of ________, a vital enzyme in the synthesis of messenger RNA (mRNA), microRNA, and small nuclear RNA (snRNA).
RNA polymerase II holoenzymeTelomeraseRNA polymerase IIGlucokinase

Question 8: [11] The liver is the principal organ affected, as it is the organ which is first encountered after absorption in the gastrointestinal tract, though other organs, especially the ________, are susceptible.
Urinary systemEndocrine systemImmune systemKidney

Question 9: The common name of destroying angel is applied to several all-white species of poisonous Amanita, to this species in Europe and to Amanita bisporiga in eastern ________, and A. ocreata in the west.
North AmericaAmericasSouth AmericaAmericas (terminology)

Question 10: There has been some question over whether ________ is a valid species.
Amanita vernaAmanita virosaAmanita ocreataAmanita phalloides


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