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Alys, Countess of the Vexin: Quiz


Question 1: 1220) was the daughter of King ________ and his second wife Constance of Castile.
Louis VII of FrancePhilip II of FranceLouis VI of FranceHouse of Capet

Question 2: [1] She is also known as Alaïs, Adélaïde, Adèle, Alais, or Alix, but is not to be confused with her half-sister Alix of France, the daughter of Louis by his first wife ________.
Henry II of EnglandBlanche of CastileMary, Queen of ScotsEleanor of Aquitaine

Question 3: She has a minor role in ________'s novel, Time and Chance.
Sharon Kay PenmanWalesEmpress MatildaEngland

Question 4: Porden depicts her being shipwrecked on the Third Crusade, and joining the army of ________ to avenge herself on Richard for his rejection of her.
Turan-ShahSaladinShirkuhAyyubid dynasty

Question 5: She was played by Jane Merrow in the 1968 film adaptation, for which she was nominated for the ________, and by Yuliya Vysotskaya in the 2003 TV adaptation.
Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion PictureGolden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or ComedyGolden Globe Award for Best Actress – Motion Picture DramaGolden Globe Award for Best Director

Question 6: Her brother, King Philip II of France, had offered her to Richard's younger brother Prince John in 1192, but Queen Mother ________ put a stop to that.
Henry II of EnglandMary, Queen of ScotsBlanche of CastileEleanor of Aquitaine

Question 7: In January 1169, an agreement was reached by her father and King ________ that Alys should be betrothed to Henry's son Richard.
John of EnglandHenry the Young KingHenry III of EnglandHenry II of England

Question 8: It was said of Alys that "except for her looks, the tales were none too good", as she was considered ________ throughout her life.
Sexual intercourseProstitutionPromiscuityBDSM

Question 9: Five years later came the birth of Alys's half-brother Philip, eventually King of France, and six years later still the birth of Alys's youngest half-sister Agnes, Empress consort of the ________.
Western Roman EmpireByzantine EmpireCrusadesByzantine Iconoclasm

Question 10: [2] She was thereupon sent to the ________.
English peopleKingdom of EnglandPolitics of EnglandHistory of England

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