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Alveolar tap: Quiz


Question 1: Its ________ is alveolar which means it is articulated with the tip of the tongue against the alveolar ridge.
Relative articulationUvular consonantPlace of articulationAlveolo-palatal consonant

Question 2: The symbol in the ________ that represents dental, alveolar, and postalveolar flaps is ɾ, and the equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is 4.
Palatal approximantVoiceless alveolar fricativeVelar nasalInternational Phonetic Alphabet

Question 3: ________ proposed for a while that it may be useful to distinguish between them.
NigeriaPeter LadefogedPapua New GuineaEngland

Question 4: The alveolar tap or flap is a type of consonantal sound, used in some spoken ________.

Question 5: Its ________ type is voiced, which means the vocal cords are vibrating during the articulation.
Modal voiceVoice (phonetics)PhonationVoiceless

Question 6: The ________ is pulmonic egressive, which means it is articulated by pushing air out of the lungs and through the vocal tract, rather than from the glottis or the mouth.
Click consonantAirstream mechanismInternational Phonetic AlphabetDental clicks

Question 7: Its ________ is tap or flap, which means it is produced with a single contraction of the muscles so that one articulator briefly strikes the other.
Fricative consonantVowelManner of articulationStop consonant


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