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Aluminium phosphide: Quiz


Question 1: As a ________, aluminium phosphide pellets are provided as a mixture with food for consumption by the rodents.
Zinc phosphidePindoneVitamin K antagonistRodenticide

Question 2: This material is a wide ________ semiconductor and is used as a fumigant.
SiliconElectronic band structureBand gapGallium arsenide

Question 3: This colourless solid is generally sold as a grey-green-yellow powder due to the presence of impurities arising from ________ and oxidation.

Question 4: In February 2009, two children died in ________, Saudi Arabia after a neighbouring house was fumigated with aluminium phosphide.

Question 5: It is used to kill small verminous ________ such as moles, rabbits, and rodents.
PrimateMammalEven-toed ungulateMammal classification

Question 6: AlP is used as a rodenticide, ________, and fumigant for stored cereal grains.

Question 7: coumarins/4-Hydroxycoumarins: 1st generation (Warfarin, Coumatetralyl) • 2nd generation (________, Difenacoum, Flocoumafen)
Barium carbonateChloraloseAluminium phosphideBrodifacoum

Question 8: Aluminium phosphide reacts with water or acids to release ________.
AmmoniaPhosphorus tribromidePhosphinePhosphorus pentachloride

Question 9: The tablets or pellets typically also contain other chemicals that evolve ________ which helps to reduce the potential for spontaneous ignition or explosion of the phosphine gas.

Question 10: Aluminium phosphide is the ________ with the empirical formula AlP.
Inorganic chemistryElectrochemistryChemical compoundChemistry


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