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Question 1: Alumino-hydrides of the most electropositive elements are known, the most useful being ________, Li[AlH4].
Lithium hydrideLithium borohydrideLithium chlorideLithium aluminium hydride

Question 2: Aluminium is a good thermal and electrical conductor, having 62% the conductivity of ________.

Question 3: Compared to copper, aluminium has about 65% of the ________ by volume, although 200% by weight.
SilverResistivityElectrical resistanceElectrical conductivity

Question 4: [10] ________ 26Al was first applied in studies of the Moon and meteorites.
Nuclear fission productUraniumEnvironmental radioactivityPlutonium

Question 5: The name "aluminum" is derived from its status as a base of alum; "alum" in turn is a ________ word which literally means "bitter salt".
Old LatinRoman EmpireLatinVulgar Latin

Question 6: Aluminium borohydride (Al(BH4)3) is used as an additive to ________.
Hydraulic fluidAir start systemAutothrottleJet fuel

Question 7: The problem with aluminium alloys in this regard is their low ________, which make them more susceptible to distortions from thermally induced stress relief.
Melting pointPhase transitionSolidLiquid

Question 8: The acetylide, Al2(C2)3, is made by passing ________ over heated aluminium.

Question 9: Deville likely also conceived the idea of the ________ of aluminium oxide dissolved in cryolite; however, Charles Martin Hall and Paul Héroult might have developed the more practical process after Deville.)
ElectrochemistryHofmann voltameterElectrowinningElectrolysis

Question 10: It exceeded that of any other metal except ________ (837.5 million tonnes).

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