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Alto flute: Quiz


Question 1: In the classical literature, the alto flute is particularly associated with the scores of ________ and Maurice Ravel, both of whom used the instrument's distinctive tone color in a variety of scores.
Sviatoslav RichterMstislav RostropovichDmitri ShostakovichIgor Stravinsky

Question 2: Woodwind family (________, oboe, bassoon)
Bass clarinetChalumeauBasset hornClarinet

Question 3: The alto flute is a type of ________, a musical instrument in the woodwind family.
Flute concertoPiccoloWestern concert fluteFlute quartet

Question 4: It is a ________ and, like the piccolo and bass flute, uses the same fingerings as the C flute.
Ledger lineModern musical symbolsClefTransposing instrument


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