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Question 1: The folk remedy for altitude sickness in Ecuador, Peru and ________ is a tea made from the coca plant.

Question 2: A single ________ found that sumatriptan may help prevent altitude sickness.
Odds ratioRandomized controlled trialCrossover studyBlind experiment

Question 3: ________ may assist in altitude aclimatisation but is not a reliable treatment for established cases of even mild altitude sickness.
TopiramateSulfonamide (medicine)AcetazolamideDiazepam

Question 4: Other treatments include injectable ________ to reduce pulmonary edema, this may buy time to descend but treats a symptom, it does not treat the underlying AMS.
Lipid metabolismMetabolismTestosteroneSteroid

Question 5: [14] The ________ suggest a lower dose for prevention of 125 mg acetazolamide every 12 hours.
European Centre for Disease Prevention and ControlChinese Center for Disease Control and PreventionCenters for Disease Control and PreventionBiological hazard

Question 6: For centuries, indigenous peoples of the Americas such as the ________ of the Altiplano, have chewed coca leaves to try to alleviate the symptoms of mild altitude sickness, and its efficacy has been studied.
Immigration to ChileAfro ChileanAymara ethnic groupQuechuas

Question 7: ________ are a primary symptom used to diagnose altitude sickness, although a headache is also a symptom of dehydration.
Cluster headacheTension headacheHeadacheMigraine

Question 8: The most serious symptoms of altitude sickness are due to ________ (fluid accumulation in the tissues of the body).

Question 9: [17] Interest in phosphodiesterase inhibitors such as ________ has been limited by the possibility that these drugs might worsen the headache of mountain sickness.

Question 10: Despite their popularity, ________ treatments have not been found to be effective medications for prevention of AMS.
MetabolismNutritionAntioxidantHuman nutrition


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