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Altimeter: Quiz


Question 1: ________ use wrist-mounted barometric altimeters when on high-altitude expeditions, as do skydivers.
HikingMountaineeringBackpacking (wilderness)Bicycle touring

Question 2: Other corrections are also required to account for the influence of electrons in the ________ and the dry air mass of the atmosphere.
Atmospheric electricityRadio propagationGeomagnetic stormIonosphere

Question 3: That measurement, coupled with ________ elements (possibly augmented by GPS), enables determination of the terrain.
Orbital mechanicsOrbitLagrangian pointOrbital elements

Question 4: These data are used in ocean models to calculate the speed and direction of ocean currents and the amount and location of heat stored in the ocean, which, in turn, reveals global ________.
Milankovitch cyclesCurrent sea level riseClimate changeLittle Ice Age

Question 5: An altimeter is an instrument used to measure the ________ of an object above a fixed level.
AltitudeAtmospheric pressureFlight levelSea level

Question 6: ________, Ocean Surface Topography Mission/Jason-2 are current satellite missions that use altimeters to measure sea surface height
Jason-1EnvisatTOPEX/PoseidonAura (satellite)

Question 7: A number of satellites (see links) use advanced dual-band ________ altimeters to measure height from a spacecraft.
X bandRadarWeather radarUltra high frequency

Question 8: Air pressure decreases with an increase of altitude—approximately 100 hectopascals per 800 ________ or one inch of mercury per 1000 feet near sea level.
1 decametreMetre100 megametres10 megametres

Question 9: A microwave radiometer corrects any delay that may be caused by water vapor in the ________.
Ganymede (moon)AtmosphereExtraterrestrial atmospheresNeptune

Question 10: A pressure altimeter (also called barometric altimeter) is the altimeter found in most ________.
Wide-body aircraftBusiness jetDouble-deck aircraftAircraft


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