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Question 1: fur________ and Furry Fandom related sites
Furry conventionFursuitSamuel ConwayFurry fandom

Question 2: For instance, the ________ operates the nsa domain; many NSA internal email addresses are of the form username@r21.r.nsa, mirroring the NSA organizational group structure.
United StatesCentral Intelligence AgencyDefense Intelligence AgencyNational Security Agency

Question 3: See OpenNIC ________ entry for further detail and historical information.
WikipediaUrdu WikipediaEnglish WikipediaGerman Wikipedia

Question 4: Unified root supports ________ (IDN) for top level domains (TLDs).
.cn.catInternationalized domain nameCountry code top-level domain

Question 5: The official DNS root is administered by the ________ (ICANN).
Country code top-level domainICANNGeneric top-level domainTop-level domain

Question 6: The top level of the domain name hierarchy, the DNS root, contains the top-level domains that appear as the suffixes of all Internet ________.
Domain name registrarDomain nameNetwork SolutionsWeb server

Question 7: The Internet uses the ________ (DNS) to associate the names of computers with their numeric IP addresses and with other information.
Domain Name SystemSimple Mail Transfer ProtocolDomain Name System Security ExtensionsHypertext Transfer Protocol

Question 8: Therefore, some domain names existed in different roots and pointed to different ________.
IPv4Classless Inter-Domain RoutingIP addressIPv6

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