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Alternation of generations: Quiz


Question 1: An example would be comparing ________ and ovules to bisexual gametophyte thalli.
SeedFlowering plantPlantPollen

Question 2: Heterogamy is a term used to describe alternation between parthenogenic and ________ phases that occurs in some animals.
Plant reproductionSexual reproductionFertilisationFlowering plant

Question 3: Actual fusion to form ________ nuclei is called karyogamy, and may not occur until sporangia are formed.

Question 4: Bryophyte plants including the liverworts, ________ and mosses undergo an alternation of generations; the gametophyte generation is the most conspicuous.
FernHornwortFlowering plantEmbryophyte

Question 5: In most red algae, many green algae, and a few ________, the phases are isomorphic and free-living.
MacrocystisBrown algaeHeterokontDiatom

Question 6: ________ and their allies, including clubmoss and horsetails, reproduce via an alternation of generations.
PlantFlowering plantEmbryophyteFern

Question 7: This plant creates by ________ single-celled haploid spores which are shed and dispersed by the wind (or in some cases, by floating on water).
MeiosisChromosomeCell cycleMitosis

Question 8: Some protists undergo an alternation of generations, including the slime molds, ________, and many marine algae.

Question 9: A multicellular ________ phase alternates with a multicellular haploid phase.

Question 10: This sporophyte produces spores by ________, which germinate and develop into a gametophyte of the next generation.
Cell cycleMitosisMeiosisChromosome


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