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Alternate versions of Superman: Quiz


Question 1: Apollo, a hero of the darker Wildstorm Comics imprint which is assigned the designation ________, is also seen in Final Crisis #7.
The AuthorityWildstorm UniverseMister MajesticWorld's End (comics)

Question 2:
Who created Alternate versions of Superman?
Kevin O'Neill
Jerry Seigel
Mark Gruenwald, Bill Mantlo, Steven Grant, and John Romita, Jr.
John Byrne

Question 3: The Silver Age version of the tale was an "imaginary story" in which Superman splits into two beings, one which marries Lois Lane, and the other marries ________, and both are happy.
Ma and Pa KentLana LangLex LuthorKryptonite

Question 4:
When did Alternate versions of Superman make his debut?
Action Comics #1
Captain Britain #1
Superman #654
Fantastic Four #240

Question 5: Ultraman originally appears as a super-villain from ________, a world where the counterparts of super-heroes are villains, and the counterpart of the super-villain Lex Luthor is the only surviving super-hero.
Crisis on Infinite EarthsEarth-ThreeSupermanBatman

Question 6: An amalgamation of Superman, ________, Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen maxi-series, and Reed Richards.
Countdown: ArenaSuperboy-PrimeCaptain AtomPower Girl

Question 7: This Superman is an apparent homage to President ________ (as confirmed by writer Grant Morrison).
2008 Democratic National ConventionBarack ObamaJohn Edwards2004 Democratic National Convention

Question 8: The second Titans Tomorrow Conner is ________'s clone of the original.
Tim DrakeBarbara GordonBatmanDick Grayson

Question 9: From limbo, he watches events unfold on the post-Crisis Earth; manipulated by ________, he comes to regard the post-Crisis Earth and its heroes as imperfect.
Lex LuthorSuperboy-PrimeAlexander Luthor, Jr.Crisis on Infinite Earths

Question 10: In ________ #7, dozens of Supermen are shown from all across the multiverse.
Final CrisisDC One MillionWorld War III (comics)52 (comics)


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