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Question 1: As with Push, Nevada, ABC led the way, launching three TV tie-in ARGs in 2006: ________,[61] Ocular Effect (for the show Fallen)[62] and The LOST Experience (for the show LOST).
Greek (TV series)Beautiful People (US TV series)Kyle XYDonkey Kong Country (TV series)

Question 2: Lonelygirl15, a popular series of videos on ________, relinquished an unprecedented amount of control to its audience by recognizing a fan-created game as the "official" ARG.
Google searchGoogle VideosYouTubeGoogle

Question 3: ________ (MMORPGs).
Role-playing video gameMassively multiplayer online gameMassively multiplayer online role-playing gameTactical role-playing game

Question 4: In May 2007, 42 Entertainment launched ________, an ARG to promote the feature film The Dark Knight.
Batman ForeverThe Dark Knight (film)Batman BeginsBatman (1989 film)

Question 5: [51] ________ concluded its first season by awarding a $200,000 prize to a player who found the game's missing cube.
Perplex CityAlternate reality gameEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 6: In March 2008 McDonalds and the IOC launched Find The Lost Ring (game official site), a global ARG promoting the ________ in Beijing, China.
China at the 2008 Summer OlympicsRussia at the 2008 Summer Olympics2008 Summer OlympicsUnited States at the 2008 Summer Olympics

Question 7: [59] In October 2004, the ________ Extended Reality game launched in tandem with the Canadian television series ReGenesis.
CanadaReGenesisUnited StatesPortugal

Question 8: Produced by ________ and Matt Damon, the show created a fictional city in Nevada, named Push.
Liv TylerScarlett JohanssonBrad PittBen Affleck

Question 9: In October 2008 The ________ created a serious ARG called Traces of Hope to promote their campaign about civilians caught up in conflict.
Malaysian Red Crescent SocietyAmerican Red CrossBritish Red CrossUkrainian Red Cross Society

Question 10: The result, ________, departed radically from the website-hunting and puzzle-solving that had been the focus of the Beast.
Halo 3: ODSTHalo (series)Halo 2I Love Bees


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