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Question 1: The political divisions of the continent is considerably altered, with two large English colonies bookending a smaller "American" nation, one aligned with England, and the other governed by exiled ________.
CavalierFirst English Civil WarSecond English Civil WarEnglish Civil War

Question 2: The earliest example of an alternate history is Book IX, sections 17-19, of ________'s Ab Urbe condita.
Classical LatinRoman EmpireAncient RomeLivy

Question 3: As the game begins, a Soviet invasion force lands in ________, taking advantage of the fact that most of the military is in Europe.
Renton, WashingtonSeattleRedmond, WashingtonBellevue, Washington

Question 4: He also co-authored a book with actor Richard Dreyfuss The Two Georges, in which the United Kingdom retained the American colonies, with ________ and King George III making peace.
Alexander HamiltonGeorge WashingtonUlysses S. GrantDwight D. Eisenhower

Question 5: However, some are genuine alternate histories, with Batman: Holy Terror based on the premise that ________ lived for another decade.
EnglandAlfred the GreatOliver CromwellEnglish Civil War

Question 6: Several films have been made that exploit the concepts of alternate history, most notably Kevin Brownlow's ________ (1966), depicting a Nazi-occupied Britain.
Adolf HitlerFatherland (novel)It Happened HereAn Englishman's Castle

Question 7: [10] In 1931, British historian ________ collected a series of essays from some of the leading historians of the period in the anthology If It Had Happened Otherwise.
J. C. SquireHarold MonroGeorgian PoetryRupert Brooke

Question 8: Gingrich and Fortschen neglected to write the promised sequel; instead, they wrote a trilogy about the American Civil War, starting with Gettysburg: A Novel of the Civil War, in which the Confederates win a victory at the ________.
Battle of FredericksburgBattle of GettysburgBattle of AntietamEastern Theater of the American Civil War

Question 9: In it, the point of divergence is during World War II, with the Soviet Union first to develop an atomic weapon, which they immediately use on ________.

Question 10:, Soc.history.what-if The usenet ________ on alternate history with over a decade of archives.
Bulletin board systemInternet forumUsenet newsgroupBlog

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