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Altera: Quiz


Question 1: Altera's largest competitor is FPGA founder and market-share leader ________, who has been a long-time rival of Altera.
GoogleIntel CorporationDellXilinx

Question 2: The two companies closest competitor is ________, who represents less than ten percent of the market.
RadiSysFLIR SystemsMerix CorporationLattice Semiconductor

Question 3: Altera Corporation (NASDAQALTR) is a major manufacturer of high-end PLDs (________).
Programmable Array LogicField-programmable gate arrayIntegrated circuitProgrammable logic device

Question 4: In recent times, FPGAs and Structured ASICs have become powerful enough to compete head-to-head with DSP (________) devices, microcontrollers, and virtually every other embedded product.
Central processing unitReduced instruction set computerInstruction setDigital signal processor

Question 5: In broader terms, Altera competes with ________, Structured ASIC, and Zero Mask-Charge ASIC companies like eASIC.
Central processing unitApplication-specific integrated circuitSystem-on-a-chipMicrocontroller


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