Alter ego: Quiz

Question 1: ________’s alter ego is the loud, attitude-prone Madea.
Meet the Browns (film)Tyler PerryDaddy's Little GirlsWhy Did I Get Married?

Question 2: Stefan Urquelle is the alter ego of Steve Urkel on ________.
Step by Step (TV series)Family MattersPerfect Strangers (TV series)Full House

Question 3: ________'s alter-ego is the legendary bluesman Elwood Blues of The Blues Brothers.
Dan AykroydMartin ShortChevy ChaseJohn Belushi

Question 4: ________'s alter egos are W.B.
James GarnerCarroll O'ConnorBruce WillisMichael J. Fox

Question 5: The Miz is the alter ego of ________.
Adam CopelandMatt HardyPaul WightMike Mizanin

Question 6: ________'s alter ego is Edge.
Triple HChris JerichoPaul WightAdam Copeland

Question 7: ________'s protagonist in most of his novels,Robert Langdon,is an alter ego of Dan Brown.
Angels & Demons (film)The Da Vinci CodeThe Da Vinci Code (film)Dan Brown

Question 8: ________’s alter egos are Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane, Halloween Jack and The Thin White Duke
Rebel RebelDavid BowieChanges (David Bowie song)David Bowie discography

Question 9: ________' alter ego is Hannah Montana
Send It On (song)Miley CyrusHannah Montana: The MovieBreakout (album)

Question 10: Belle is the alter ego of Hannah Baxter on ________
ItalyUnited KingdomSpainSecret Diary of a Call Girl

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