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Question 1: For example, simply pressing "A" will type the letter a, but if you hold down either Alt key while pressing A, the ________ will perform an "Alt-A" function, which varies from program to program.
ComputerPersonal computerCentral processing unitLinux

Question 2: Other well-known combinations which the Alt key is part of include Alt-F4, to close a window, and ________, to switch between windows.

Question 3: Additionally, in many traditional ________ environments, including Microsoft Windows, Alt is used to access pull-down menus.
Graphical user interfaceX Window SystemDesktop environmentWidget toolkit

Question 4: The Alt key is well known as part of the ________ key combination, which in some operating systems brings up the task manager.
Control keySystem requestScroll lockControl-Alt-Delete

Question 5: In their original function, both Alt and Meta would set the high ________ of the signal generated by the key to 1 (for example, A generates 01000001 while Alt-A generates 11000001).
ByteBitCharacter (computing)Record (computer science)

Question 6: In the X Window System, Control-Alt-Delete is known as ________, which usually causes the X server to shut down or restart.
Enlightenment (window manager)BlackboxX Window SystemXfce


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