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Question 1: These territorial changes were reinforced at the 1697 Treaty of Ryswick which ended the ________.
Louis XIV of FranceNine Years' WarBattle of StaffardaWar of the Spanish Succession

Question 2:
Who played Madame Schwartz the movie Alsace?
Gabrielle Réjane
Francesca Flory
Berthe Jalabert
Berthe Jalabert

Question 3:
Who played Jacques Obey the movie Alsace?
Albert Dieudonné
Albert Dieudonné

Question 4: Thus, when the hostilities finally ceased in 1648 with the ________, most of Alsace went to France with some towns remaining independent.
Archdiocese of BremenThirty Years' WarHoly Roman EmpirePeace of Westphalia

Question 5: An additional natural disaster was the Rhine rift earthquake of 1356, one of Europe's worst which made ruins of ________.
BernSt. GallenBaselZürich

Question 6:
Which is the ruling party of Alsace?

Question 7:
What role did Renée Lemercier play in the movie Alsace?
Marguerite Schwartz
Madame Honneck
Madame Obey
Madame Schwartz

Question 8: Alsace is also the main beer-producing région of France, thanks primarily to breweries in and near ________.

Question 9:
Who played Suzy Honneck the movie Alsace?
Gabrielle Réjane
Madame Villeroy-Got
Berthe Jalabert
Madame Villeroy-Got

Question 10:
Who played Monsieur Honneck the movie Alsace?
Albert Dieudonné
Camille Bardou

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