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Alpha hydroxy acid: Quiz


Question 1: Epidermal effect: AHA's have a profound effect on ________; which is clinically detectable by the formation of a new stratum corneum.
KeratinCollagenKeratin 6ACollagen, type I, alpha 1

Question 2: α-hydroxy acids, or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), are a class of chemical compounds that consist of a ________ substituted with a hydroxy group on the adjacent carbon.
AlcoholCarboxylic acidAlkaneEster

Question 3: Human ________ has two principal components, the avascular epidermis and the underlying vascular dermis.
Human skinTanningLeatherSkin

Question 4: Many well-known α-hydroxy acids are useful building blocks in organic synthesis: the most common and simple are glycolic acid, lactic acid, ________, mandelic acid.
Acetic acidEthanolCarbon dioxideCitric acid


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