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Alpha Centauri: Quiz


Question 1: Together, the bright visible components of the ________ system are called Alpha Centauri AB (α Cen AB).
Planetary systemVariable starBinary starStar system

Question 2: Alpha Centauri is the closest star system to our ________.
SunPlanetEarthSolar System

Question 3: Together all three components make a triple star system, referred by double star observers as the triple star (or ________), "α Cen AB-C".
Binary starMultiple starStellar classificationStellar kinematics

Question 4: Some computer generated models of planetary formation predict the existence of ________ around both Alpha Centauri A and B.
Extrasolar planetGas giantSolar SystemTerrestrial planet

Question 5: It lies about 4.37 ________ in distance, or about 41.5 trillion kilometres, 25.8 trillion miles or 277,600 AU.
Astronomical unitLight-yearParsecCosmic distance ladder

Question 6:
What class does Alpha Centauri belong to?
G2V / K1V

Question 7: This companion is called "________", "Proxima" or "α Cen C".
Binary starAlpha CentauriStarProxima Centauri

Question 8: Astronomer Thomas James Henderson made the original discovery from many exacting observations of the trigonometric ________ of the AB system between April 1832 and May 1833.
StarBinary starApparent magnitudeParallax

Question 9: This ________ star is of spectral type of K1 V,[4][12] making it more an orangish-yellow color than the whiter primary star.
Stellar classificationSupernovaWhite dwarfMain sequence

Question 10: Bright stars relatively close to us, such as Sirius, Procyon and ________, would have markedly different sky positions.
Gamma AquilaeVegaBeta AquilaeAltair

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