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Question 1: Additionally, the risk of first dose phenomenon may be reduced by starting at a low dose and ________ upwards as needed.
Melting point apparatusElectrochemistryChromatographyTitration

Question 2: ________ (BPH)[1]
ProstaglandinAlpha-1 blockerYohimbineBenign prostatic hyperplasia

Question 3: Alpha-1 blockers (also called alpha-adrenergic blocking agents) constitute a variety of drugs which block α1-adrenergic receptors in ________ and smooth muscles.
Arterial treeBlood vesselSystemic circulationArtery

Question 4: As a side effect they may reduce ________ and result in lightheadedness.
Renin-angiotensin systemVasodilationBlood pressureCirculatory system

Question 5: By reducing α1-adrenergic activity of the blood vessels, these drugs may cause ________ (low blood pressure) and interrupt the baroreflex response.
HypotensionHypertensionPulmonary hypertensionAortic dissection

Question 6: Tamsulosin is relatively selective for α1a-adrenergic receptors, which are mainly present in the ________.
ProstateSeminal vesiclePenisReproductive system

Question 7: symptoms of non inflammatory ________, a type of prostatitis.
Benign prostatic hyperplasiaErectile dysfunctionAcute prostatitisChronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome

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