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Alpes-Maritimes: Quiz


Question 1: Nice is second only to ________ in the number and size of its hotels.
MarseilleParisVersaillesÉvry, Essonne

Question 2: The ________ attracts wide attention and the cream of the film industry.
Cannes Film Festival2002 Cannes Film FestivalPalme d'Or2004 Cannes Film Festival

Question 3: Alpes-Maritimes includes the famous French Riviera coastline on the Mediterranean Sea with the important towns and cities of Cannes, Nice, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, and ________.

Question 4: Alpes-Maritimes (Occitan: Aups Maritims) is a department in the extreme southeast corner of ________.
FranceItalyUnited KingdomCanada

Question 5: It included the county of Nice as well as the previously (at least nominally) independent towns of ________ and Roquebrune, and the arrondissement of Grasse in the department of Var.

Question 6: A first French département of Alpes-Maritimes existed in the same area from ________ to 1814.
17921793March 4March 3

Question 7: Its boundaries were, however, different as it included ________ and San Remo, but not Grasse which was then part of the départment of Var.
AndorraVatican CityMonacoSpain

Question 8: This Southern area of the ________ is termed the Maritime Alps.
HimalayasAlpsJura MountainsGeography

Question 9: When ________ became French in 1860, it was still a small town; the department had fewer than 200,000 inhabitants.

Question 10: The department is surrounded by the French departments of Var, ________, the principality of Monaco, Italy on the east, and the Mediterranean on the south.


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