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Question 1: In discussing the richly allusive poetry of Virgil's ________, R.F.
Cleopatra VIIGeorgicsOrpheusJulius Caesar

Question 2: In Hellenistic Alexandria, literary culture and a fixed literary canon known to readers and hearers, made a densely allusive poetry effective; the poems of ________ offer the best-known examples...,
GreeksEgyptCallimachusGreek literature

Question 3: Allusions may be made increasingly obscure, until at last they are understood by the author alone, who thereby retreats into a ________.
Saul KripkeLudwig WittgensteinConceptPrivate language argument

Question 4: The most densely allusive work in modern English is ________ by James Joyce.
Ulysses (novel)Finnegans WakeDublinersPomes Penyeach

Question 5: Addressing such issues is an aspect of ________.
Arthur SchopenhauerPhenomenology (philosophy)HermeneuticsExistentialism

Question 6: This phrase comes from a novel by ________.
No Laughing Matter (book)Joseph HellerClosing Time (novel)Catch-22

Question 7: A sobriquet is an allusion: by ________ one aspect of a person or other referent is selected to identify it, and it is this shared aspect that makes an allusion evocative.
MetonymyMarylandUnited StatesWashington, D.C.

Question 8: The poetry of ________ is often described as "allusive", because of his habit of referring to names, places or images that may only make sense in the light of prior knowledge.
Four QuartetsThe Waste LandT. S. EliotThe Hollow Men

Question 9: An allusion is a literary term, though the word also has come to encompass indirect references to any source, including allusions in ________ or the visual arts.
Independent filmFilmFilmmakingMovie theater

Question 10: ________ is set on a U.S. Army Air Force base in World War II.
Catch-22 (film)Captain AardvarkCatch-22Yossarian


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