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Question 1:
How many casualties were there in the Allied invasion of Sicily?
~300 killed
80 000 - 123 000 total
132,000 casualties

Question 2:
When was the Allied invasion of Sicily?

Question 3: The Pelagie Islands of ________ and Linosa, some 90 miles (140 km) west of Malta, followed in short order on 12 June.
MelillaFalkland IslandsBermudaLampedusa

Question 4:
What was Allied invasion of Sicily a part of?
the Eastern Front of World War II
Capitol Park Historic District
Italian Campaign of World War II
Supremacy of Toyotomi Hideyoshi

Question 5:
Who was a commander in the Allied invasion of Sicily?
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Herbert HooverDouglas MacArthurDwight D. EisenhowerGeorge S. Patton
Raymond D. Palmer
MCPON Rick D. West

Question 6:
Who of the following was a child of Allied invasion of Sicily?
Yitzchak Eisik
Count Hubertus

Question 7:
Which of the following was a combatant in the Allied invasion of Sicily?
9th Army Germany
Albania under Germany
Germany nn* German New Guinea

Question 8:
Where did Allied invasion of Sicily take place?

Question 9: The Western Task Force (Task Force 343) was commanded by ________, comprising the American 7th Army.
George S. PattonDwight D. EisenhowerOmar BradleyJohn J. Pershing

Question 10: The Eastern Task Force (also known as Task Force 545) was lead by General Bernard Montgomery and comprised the ________ bolstered by the addition of the 1st Canadian Infantry Division.
Eighth Army (United Kingdom)Operation CrusaderBritish Army during the Second World WarGothic Line


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