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Allied advance from Paris to the Rhine: Quiz


Question 1: It included the largest airborne operation in history codenamed ________.
Operation Market GardenAllied advance from Paris to the RhineWestern Front (World War II)Operation Varsity

Question 2: In the Allied 6th Army Group area, the U.S. Seventh Army assaulted across the Rhine in the area between ________ and Worms on March 26.

Question 3: COMZ and its commander, General ________ were roundly criticised by American field generals.
United States ArmyArlington National CemeteryJohn C. H. Lee2nd Infantry Division (United States)

Question 4: [3] Advancing divisions US 12th Army Group left all their heavy artillery and half their medium artillery left west of the ________, freeing their trucks to move supplies for other units.

Question 5: The 101st Airborne and 82nd Airborne took their objectives at ________, Veghel and Nijmegen.
BredaNorth BrabantEindhoven's-Hertogenbosch

Question 6: A fifth crossing on a much smaller scale was later achieved by the French First Army at ________.
LudwigshafenKaiserslauternWorms, GermanySpeyer

Question 7: Montgomery's 21st Army Group were tasked with clearing the west bank of the Rhine downstream from the ________ area.

Question 8: The ________ made an amphibious attack to get in behind the German's Beveland Canal defensive positions.
52nd (Lowland) Infantry Division15th (Scottish) Infantry Division1st Infantry Division (United Kingdom)42nd (East Lancashire) Infantry Division

Question 9: By the time that ________ and Rotterdam were liberated, it had become difficult for the 21st Army Group to be supplied adequately.

Question 10: Many towns and villages, including the great port of ________, and Paris were liberated with little resistance.


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